Giving a good speech: Preparation!!

Previously We had a quick tutorial on how to give a good speech. According to the reviews I got for it many told me that they are confused about the topics. May be many of you may also have such doubts. Let’s clear it now itself..

£ Start keeping a diary to note down points on various topics and current issues. 

Now let me give some topics to start with:

  • India in my dream
  • My school life
  • Friendship
  • Reading habit
  • Child labour

Try to give out speech on these  topics standing in front of a mirror. Before doing it make out a rough copy of your framed ideas in a paper. Or write these topics(and more) in paper slips and put in a box take one without looking at it and prepare for a speech within 5 minutes. Try doing this in your peer groups also..! Remember speech can only be practiced on the stage. Practicing inside a  room doesn’t works out! Create your own views and ideas on topics . Be sharp and confident in your opinion. You should have reasons to justify your views. Don’t make your speech so lengthy. Sharpen your content to make it perfect!. Refer Current affairs to get updated about the content. Knowledge in content is essential as stage presentation.Now make sure that you never pass wrong information  to the audience. Read journals, articles, etc for reference. Do some quick speeches in front of your parents or friends, it can do wonders..!!

£ Try writing essays on various topics. Write everything  precisely.

Create a habit of developing your own ideas on various topics. Participate in debates.

When  you get an idea about HOW TO PREPARE THE CONTENT move to some advanced topics.

I can give you some of them…Rest you explore yourself !

  • Crimes against women
  • Cyber crimes and young generation
  • Women empowerment
  • Nature conservation


  £ Be confident

Note: I will make a note on one of the above topic you prefer. Please comment below.The language will be as you prefer(eng/mal). 

Hope you all will make use of this document…! Do share your thoughts in the comment box.  Stay connected to this blog for more updates 



“Eloquent speech is not from lip to ear but rather from heart to heart”


With lots of love: Aswini sreejith..



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