Give a good speech:some basic steps

Hello all,

Today we can discuss on the topic “how to give an impressive speech”.A few years back I had to search all sort of guidance and support regarding how to deliver a good speech,at last came across a good document and helped me immensely. Now I decided to write such a document so that you all can access it.I hope this document can help, at least a few of you.

Please note that every one have their own style in the art of speech . Dancing needs a particular way.Singing needs to be according to some particular sruthi  and all. but usually we say each orator develop his own way of delivering speech.what we are doing here is only discussing  some basic things which each of you can follow. Framing the ideas:If you are doing  speech competition . First understand your topic well. It may be given only 5 minutes before the speech,Never be too tensed about the time. It will make you feel disappointed. Use the time wisely. Never try to give out the whole speech in that five minutes . Frame your ideas and rearrange it properly. An impressive introduction can do wonders . So if you know some quotes, try to say it in the introduction. The Introduction should guide the audience to what you intent to convey in your speech.but dont take too much time to frame your introduction.It will adversely effect on the time taken to frame the rest of the content.And this is the main mistake several participants do. (even I did it many times!).Use that 5 minutes maximum you can for framing and re arranging your ideas, thoughts, . Remember that conclusion also plays a very important role in speech .It should should express the essence of the speech.

Going to the stage : when you hear your code number announced …automatically your heart will start beating faster….Dont be bothered about your results . what you want to do is to  pay complete attention in your speech. yea. Get ready drink some water if you need . Take a  deep breathe ..Walk to the stage with a smile on your face.Be confident.Never let audience to think that  orator is worried..It will effect your speech badly.

Finally! :The bell rang now you are going to star your speech…. Always remember that a speech should come from your heart. Start with a good Salutation . Then give out that introduction you have prepared earlier.Elaborate the points that you have already framed in your mind. Be loud and clear .Never hesitate breathe normally. your voice should reach the heart of your audience, and touch their mind. Never be worried about audience .  it is generally said to  think that you know more than audience infront of you. But never let the pride to rule create more troubles.Look around the audience and don’t focus on only one focal point.Eye contact is also a major part of evaluation.If you notice some audience behaving uncomfortable to you dont pay attention to them or else you will not be able to complete your speech.don’t be scared thinking that you might go wrong.  . Be confident.When you notice that last year’s winner is sitting in front you and hearing your speech ,dont feel inferior. Think that its your turn this time.Voice modulation is another major factor determining the quality of your should raise your voice wherever you want, and should control your voice too.Anything you say should be very clear to the audience.You should always stay connected to your topic. never go far away from the subject.And one of the most important factor is your body language . Use your hands properly but never do a speech like action song. while we talk we use our hands to express the feelings the same thing is here.the difference is that here we have many peoples so it should be in a proper way. use facial expressions also but remember it’s not a drama or a dance performance.Be yourself on the stage. You should be always truthful to your audience. Never tell any  wrong information if you are not sure about it.Use simple language in a powerful form. Dont try to use complicated words it will never add you marks.expressing your ideas in a powerful and an effective way in simple language is the basic principle of speech.Do not drive into areas, which are irrelevant to the topic.Now its time to conclude . The conclusion should reflect your whole speech . Conclude in such a way that the audience will never forget your speech.!

Something more:  First of all we should know our topic well, for that reading is important.Newspapers act as the best source for it . Read the editorials and discussions  clearly . Know the current issues , (it’s pros and cons). well, you can access many other books specially made for speeches. Make a habit of jotting down each and every point  you come across in a pocket diary. Make your own opinion in the raising current issues this will help you a lot. The primary thing you have to do if you have a passion towards giving out effective speech is to Read-read and read. Take a topic yourself and give out a speech in front of a mirror or record your speech.Try to make improvements with the help of your parents or friends.

You are your own inspiration. Be ready to speak….. All the best

We have discussed how to deliver a speech in a competition but these are only some basic steps we will have more in the coming days…

If any clarification needed please comment below…we will be there for you always…

Stay connected…#FAB


 “Stand up, be bold and take the whole responsibility on your shoulders and know that you are the creator of your own density. All the strength and success that you
want are within yourself.”
                                                                With lots of love : Aswini Sreejith….

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